Welcome to the f1-2019-telemetry package!

The f1-2019-telemetry package provides support for interpreting telemetry information as sent out over the network by the F1 2019 game by CodeMasters. It also provides command line tools to record, playback, and monitor F1 2019 session data.

Project information

The f1-2019-telemetry package and its documentation are currently at version 1.1.4.

The project is distributed as a standard wheel package on PyPI. This allows installation using the standard Python 3 pip tool as follows:

pip install f1-2019-telemetry

The project source code is hosted as a Git repository on GitLab:

The pip-installable package is hosted on PyPI:

The documentation is hosted on Read the Docs:


The documentation comes in two parts:

  • The Package Documentation provides guidance on installation and usage of the f1-2019-telemetry package, and documents the included command-line tools.

  • The F1 2019 Telemetry Packet Specification is a non-authoritative copy of the CodeMasters telemetry packet specification, with some corrections applied.